V-MODA announces Zn in-ear headphones, the perfect daily driver for audiophiles


V-MODA produces some of our favorite headphones, but they usually stick to the larger on-ear or over-ear variety. While we love these style of headphones, and options like the V-Moda XS sound fantastic and pack down to a reasonably small size, there are times when you want something pocketable or more suitable for exercise.

This isn’t completely new territory for them — V-MODA has released two previous in-ear offerings that garnered dozens of awards with praise — but with the Zn it looks like they have taken things to a new level.

For fans of the periodic table (I’m assuming there must be some of you out there), you will have probably already guessed that the Zn are constructed using a zinc alloy. V-MODA found that zinc provided some unique characteristics in terms of both construction, hardness, and resonance that made it the perfect choice to deliver the sound quality and durability they were looking for.

Inside the zinc alloy housing are 8mm dynamic drivers that, unlike many other headphones, are tuned to give the midrange its due and ensure that your music sounds as true as possible to the source material.

V-MODA doesn’t shirk on their cables, and the Zn is no exception. It is laced with Kevlar and, according to V-MODA, is 20 times stronger than the industry average. As someone that has gone through a dozen pair of headphones in a year thanks to failing cords, this is crucial to me. V-MODA backs this up with a 60-day test drive guarantee and a lifetime “Immortal Life Program” that offers you 50% off should you ever need to replace the Zn.

The cord also features either a 3-button remote with mic for iOS users or a 1-button remote with mic for us Android folk, should you need to pause the action, use voice commands or take a call.

While V-MODA prides themselves on the audiophile-grade sound quality of the Zn, the durability is of paramount importance to them as well, and these headphones should be able to take whatever you can dish out.

The Zn have fitness buffs in mind, too, with included sport earhooks that can be easily attached when you are subjecting them to a run or working out at the gym. I really appreciate that these are an optional attachment, because while I absolutely love these kind of hooks when working out, they are overkill for daily wear.

The V-MODA Zn are $180, which is no doubt more than you paid for whatever earbuds you are sporting now, but they stand up to in-ear headphones ranging from $300 to $1,000+ in testing and offer unmatched durability, so they will be with you for life.

The 3-button remote version of the Zn is available starting today at V-Moda.com, and the 1-button remote version will be available before the holidays.

We’ll be putting these headphones through their paces as soon as we can, so if you have any questions you’d like us to address let us know.


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