Uhans is the world’s most honest gadget company

I’d never heard of Uhans before today. It’s a Chinese phone manufacturer, and there are a lot of those, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there are a few I haven’t heard of. What did surprise me, however, is how obsessively honest and blunt Uhans is in its marketing.

Okay, first off, the company breaks down its product lines into a sort of acronym. How convenient!

  • U for Unique
  • H for Huge
  • A for Affordable
  • N for New
  • S for Stylish

But, Uhans would like you to know about its new “Balance” phone, which is a blend of the A and S series. According to China Gadgets Reviews, the phone will be about $100, so that’s a definite A for Affordable. And I guess that pink color counts as S for Stylish. But Uhans, in its own write-up, is…

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