Twitter now supports 140-second videos

Twitter continues to roll on with changes, which has already included a visual refresh for Android users that bring it in line with Material Design and not counting images against the 140-character limit.

Now Twitter is extending the length of videos that users have when they upload a video. Up to this point, Twitter only allowed videos up to 30 seconds, but now users can post videos that are 140 seconds long. The new video support rolls out today.

There are a few other changes in store, too. That includes new suggested videos, which Twitter will populate for you to check out after you’ve watched a video uploaded to the platform. They’ll be Twitter and Vine videos, too, so they’re keeping it in the family. Twitter says this change is coming soon for Android (and iOS) users.

It’s probably worth noting that 140-second videos are also coming to Vine, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Do you post a lot of videos to Twitter?

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