The best board games for Android

What are the best board games for Android?

Board games have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years, and it doesn’t take a lot of digging in the Google Play Store to see it reflected on Android as well. If you’re having trouble getting everybody together under one roof or just don’t have any more shelf space for another box, pick up your Android phone or tablet to grab these fantastic board games.

We’ve put together the very best board games for Android for the consideration of long-time board game fans.It’s worth noting in advance that a vast majority of the Android board games on our list employ in-app purchases for expansions, and thanks to their established physical counterparts, they tend to be well-balanced and lots of fun.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride gets players to build sprawling rail empires by gathering colored cars to connect cities. Every turn, a player gets to either pick two cars, claim a line by spending cars, or take on a new ticket, which challenges players to connect two cities before the first player runs out of cars. The farther these two cities are, the more victory points they’re worth, plus the player with the longest line gets an additional victory point bonus.

On the whole, Ticket to Ride is a fine combination of competition and construction. The in-app purchase grants you access to a new bundle of maps and boards, all of which are totally worth the price.

Download Ticket to Ride ($6.99 with in-app purchases)


Catan is not just a classic board game; it is the classic board game. Players harvest resources and connect their villages by roads, accumulating victory points along the way. It doesn’t sound like much, but between the inter-player trading (or scheming) and the cramped real estate, Catan can be a very tense game. Players also use their harvested resources to purchase cards which can provide them with useful resources. Pass-and-play multiplayer is available, as well as many of the original game’s expansions.

For a tense game of wheeling and dealing, check out Catan.

Download Catan ($3.99)


Ascension is a well-established fantasy card game. Players dynamically build their deck over the course of gameplay, and attempt to acquire the most victory points from a limited pool. When the pool is empty, the points are tallied up. Gathering these honor points is done by building a force with sword and sorcery, acquiring constructs, slaying a constantly-shifting selection of monsters on the board, and recruiting new heroes to your cause. There are expansions and promo packs which introduce new cards to the set as well.

Ascension’s fast and fluid gameplay are bound to catch the attention of even occasional board gamers.

Download Ascension(Free with in-app purchases)


Carcassonne is a tile-based kingdom-building game in which players each take turns trying to complete roads, cities, and cloisters. Each turn, players also drop a limited number of their meeple onto those landmarks in an attempt to claim points once the feature has been completed. If you can’t fully enclose a city or finish a road by the end of the game, you can still get a few points. A handful of expansions are also available through in-app purchases.

Carcassonne is a polished adaptation of a classic board game. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time.

Download Carcassonne ($4.99)

Shelter Free

Shelter Free combines deck building card games and castle defence strategy. You wake up to find that the world is overrun with zombies and you have to continuously fight them off in order to make your way out of the danger zone. You move through hazards, seeking cards to build and strengthen your deck, and duelling with zombies who have equally powerful card decks.

The graphic novel artwork style is enough to keep you coming back for more gameplay, but the storyline and intense card battles will keep you hooked for sure.

Download Shelter Free (Free with in-app purchases)

Monopoly: Here and Now World Edition

It’s not a real board game collection until Monopoly shows up, but this isn’t the Monopoly you grew up playing. Sure, you roll the dice and move your chosen token around the board, but the newer version of Monopoly uses famous landmarks (like the Eiffel Tower) for tokens, and you land in Istanbul instead of on Park Avenue. You can opt to join a live multiplayer game online or create your own custom game with a combination of computer-generated opponents and real people.

It’s easy, it’s fun, and if you can’t remember the last time to took out a Monopoly board, it’s time to get this one downloaded.

Download Monopoly Here and Now (free with in-app purchases)

Sea Battle 2

Don’t let anyone sink your battleship! This reimagining of the classic game lets you play against an AI, a random online opponent, or the person sitting next to you. It goes beyond mere battleships to include planes, radar, mines, submarines, and all the while you’re climbing the ranks from a lowly recruit to an admired admiral. Name your proud fleet, watch your scores on the global leaderboard, and use the in-app chat feature to discuss strategy.

The old-school graph paper design will take you right back to playing sneaky Battleship rounds during junior high study hall.

Download Sea Battle 2 (Free with in-app purchases)

Mahjong: Beautiful Orient

The 20 boards of Mahjong: Beautiful Orient feature beautiful backgrounds and a lovely soundtrack to listen to while you master Mahjong. The premise of the game is simple enough: match two tiles to remove them from the board. The boards increase in complexity as you advance, and you need to attain a preset minimum score to move on (not so simple now). Speed, accuracy, and a sharp eye are your must-have Mahjong tools.

If you love board games but you’d just rather play solo, Mahjong: Beautiful Orient is the game for you.

Download Mahjong Beautiful Orient (Free with in-app purchases)

Your favorite Android board games?

Those are our picks, but there’s a lot of great games in the Google Play Store. Leave a comment with your favorite board game or board adaptations for Android!

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