T-Mobile Uncarrier X event; Free video streaming and data doubling

John Legere took the stage to announce the latest Uncarrier moves today and this time it was all about data and video. “Data Day” was plastered across the screen and John announced that the standard Simple Choice Plans were getting Amped up with the following upgrades.

Doubling data

This one couldn’t be more straightforward, these plans were 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and now will be 2GB, 6GB and 10GB. Otherwise no changes to the plans.

Binge On: Video streams free

Streaming video will be joining streaming music on T-Mobile with all included services not counting against your high-speed data caps. Video will be DVD quality with optimization done by T-Mobile, there’s no bumping up past 480p at launch, but they expressed hope to move beyond at some point in the future. Binge On will start November 15 for new customers and November 19 for existing customers. Everyone with 3GB or higher data plan will be eligible for Binge On, same class of customer eligible for data stash.

At launch the included services are:

New services will be added at the request of customers or service providers as possible. YouTube was specifically mentioned as one that they are trying to work with, but no news at this point.

Family match

Fourth line will be free for a limited time only for anyone that signs up, normally $140 for four family members with 6GB each, just $120 right now. Unlimited 4G LTE will be available for a family of four at just $180, which is the lowest price ever.

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