Samsung’s Galaxy S7 may take the Xperia Z5’s best feature

Samsung's Galaxy S7 may take the Xperia Z5's best feature

Samsung is known to be working on a new 20MP ISOCELL sensor for the Galaxy S7, but the company has expressed an interest in Sony’s new camera on the Xperia Z5 series.

Reports suggest Samsung is so impressed by the IMX300 sensor in the Xperia Z5 that it wants to include it in the Galaxy S7 camera.

Apparently Samsung won’t ditch the ISOCELL, though. It may include different sensors in different regions and different models of the phone, much like the processor setup on previous Galaxy handsets.

If you can’t beat ’em…

Sony wants to keep that sensor exclusively for its Xperia range, but the company can also see how many phones Samsung is selling – having its sensor in many of those phones would be a great boost to Sony’s camera business.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 features a 16MP sensor, while the Sony Xperia Z5 series features a 23MP unit.

According to the rumour, the new 20MP ISOCELL that Samsung is working on includes a new RWB colour pattern, which is said to enable even better low-light shots than the Galaxy S6 can capture.

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