Quick comparison: BlackBerry Priv versus Galaxy Note 5

There are several fantastic Android phones available this year, and choosing between them is all about your personal needs.

While there’s a large group of Android users in full support of price being the biggest factor in what phone you get, there are some high-end phones absolutely worth considering. Samsung’s phones this year are unparalleled in display quality and offer a quality experience with features no one else is offering right now, and the popularity of the new Note 5 reflects a desire to enjoy that experience. BlackBerry is another manufacturer to offer a quality high-end experience with unique features, not the least of which is a physical keyboard on a vertical slider with their new Priv.

If you sit these two experiences side-by-side, you’ll see there’s no shortage of differences between Samsung and BlackBerry’s approach to building a high-end phone. We know, because we did, and now you can see just how different they are.

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