Please disregard this video about 3D printing your next motorcycle helmet

The Zortrax M300 may sound like a plasma rifle from a futuristic FPS or a new type of heart medication, but it’s actually a 3D printer — a big one. How big? Well, as this incredibly pumped-up intro video shows, it’s large enough to print out a motorcycle helmet in a single run. Not that you should ever wear a motorcycle helmet made in a 3D printer (at least not if you’re concerned with keeping your head during a crash), but it does give a good indication of the Zortrax M300’s sizable build envelope.

The M300 is an upgrade to the M200, and the company’s CEO says it’s a “direct response to the needs of our customers.” It can print objects up to 300 x 300 x 300 millimeters in size, and comes with extra large filament spools to do the job….

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