Photo Magic is Facebook’s solution to quickly share photos with facial recognition

Though plenty of analysts have predicted its downfall, Facebook is a juggernaut that won’t stop moving. Facebook’s latest concoction is Photo Magic, a new feature in Facebook Messenger that uses facial recognition to quickly find photos to share with your friends. Photo Magic goes through your camera roll and uses facial recognition software to find photos of your Facebook friends and then notifies you and asks if you’d like to share the photo with those friends through Messenger.

All too often, you’re with friends and people are taking pictures and everyone’s saying, “Hey, send me that picture, k?” Alas, however, it’s a rare occasion in which the picture actually does get sent. Photo Magic aims to change that by finding the photos for you, identifying the friends in the photo and giving you a one-tap option to send the photo to the people pictured within.

Now, Photo Magic will be opt-in only, as many will likely have privacy concerns about Facebook’s software sorting through all of their photos. If you do give Photo Magic a try, however, it could make it very easy to share photos privately with friends, rather than simply dumping half of your gallery onto Facebook and letting your friends sort through to find the pictures of themselves.

Photo Magic is rolling out to Android devices in Australia, with iOS support arriving in just a few days. Facebook is expected to expand the feature to other countries within the coming months.

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