Original LG G Watch not getting Android Wear 2.0 either

Buying a first generation device is always a risk. Many of us took that risk when buying first gen Android Wear products, like the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. And as we saw with the inferior hardware of the Moto 360, those risks are very real.

Unfortunately, long-term support is another issue with those products. It was just announced that the original Moto 360 will not be getting Android Wear 2.0, and LG has announced the same for the original LG G Watch.

@konrad_it Sorry it’s not on our current software update list and it’s been discontinues. ^JK

— LG USA Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) May 24, 2016

These devices have gone two years with the latest Android Wear updates, getting more features, better stability, and an overall better experience. Sadly, for modern technology, this is a pretty good run. And it’s not like the watches will stop functioning without the Android Wear 2.0 update. They’ll just miss out on new features. The watches will still work better than the day we bought them.

It’s still unfortunate that we won’t be seeing the newest software versions. Considering that Google tightly controls software on its smartwatches, we expected a little more support. But the aging hardware may be to blame, as well as the fact that both of these watches are long discontinued. How many of you LG G Watch owners are upset? Is this a big deal for you? Leave a comment!

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