NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV update adds support for Netflix in HDR, YouTube 4K 60FPS, and more

For a set-top box, being able to access the highest-quality content is certainly one way to get a leg up on the competition, which is fierce these days. For anyone that owns a SHIELD Android TV box from NVIDIA, an update is on the way that helps to do just that.

NVIDIA officially announced today Software Upgrade 3.2, which brings with it what NVIDIA calls “industry-leading features” to the set-top box. At the top of the list is support for High Dynamic Range, or HDR, content from Netflix. With HDR, viewers get benefits like a wider color gamut, brighter highlights, and even more detail in darker scenes. You’ll need a TV that supports HDR to get the full benefit. Specifically, you’ll need a TV that supports HDR10, the open source format in the fledgling format war. Samsung, Sony, and LG support HDR10 out of the box. Vizio will support HDR10 for some of its M- and P-Series TVs later this year.

The update also includes support for watching YouTube content in 4K at 60 frames per second, as well as 4K support for VUDU. And for the audiophile out there, the SHIELD Android TV also supports Dolby Atmos surround sound pass-through.

Here are the other new additions coming today to the SHIELD Android TV:

Best Universal Search

  • Perform a natural language search for music, movies, TV shows or games and get results from over 60 apps including top new additions: Netflix, VUDU and Spotify.

Media Streaming – At Home and On the Go

  • With PLEX Media Server now built-in, you can stream your personal media collection from SHIELD to mobile devices, even outside the home. Accelerate your media (even from a NAS) with SHIELD’s HD transcode. Learn more here: https://shield.nvidia.com/support/nvidia-android-tv/faq#plex

More Top Apps Streaming to Your TV

  • If you’re a sports fan you can now stream all WatchESPN has to offer. Music lovers now have access to Spotify. For news junkies, CNNGo, NPR and ABC News are on the way. Family-friendly programming will get a major boost with WATCH ABC, Freeform, Disney Channel, Disney Jr. and Disney XD, and Nick. Viacom also brings popular shows with MTV and Comedy Central.

Automatically Turn your TV Off

  • Rounding out our HDMI CEC support, SHIELD now automatically turns off your TV when SHIELD sleeps. Enable in Settings > HDMI > HDMI-CEC preferences.

Share SHIELD Folders with a PC

  • Access SHIELD folders from a network PC or Mac and enjoy drag-and-drop file sharing. Enable in Settings > Storage & reset > Access SHIELD folders on PC.

Mount Network Storage

  • Mount a network attached storage device (NAS) to SHIELD to access your complete media collection. Stream this media to mobile devices using the Plex app and SHIELD’s HD hardware transcode. Set up in Settings > Storage & reset > Network storage.

Improved Picture Quality

  • Enable YCbCr 4:4:4 color space for improved video quality on supported TVs. Go to Settings > HDMI > Color space.

The new software should be rolling out beginning today, so keep an eye out. The SHIELD Android TV was recently updated to Android Marshmallow as well, so NVIDIA is certainly keeping the ball rolling when it comes to new software.

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