Nexus S unofficially joins the Marshmallow ranks

Officially, the Nexus S should still be running on Android 4.1, but that hasn’t stopped developers from releasing unofficial updates for the phone once Google’s software team pulled the plug on it in late 2012. While Google would want you to buy a new Nexus to take advantage of all the newest features baked into Android Marshmallow, Dmitry Grinberg has managed to deliver a fairly stable Android 6.0 build for the Nexus S.

Since the Nexus S has an a single-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and limited internal storage, it took quite a bit of work to tweak Android 6.0 so that it could actually run on the phone. Dmitry has shared extensive details about his Android 6.0 build on his site, along with Fastboot or TWRP flashable images. For those who are a little more adventurous, he’s also shared the patches needed that allow you to develop your own Android Marshmallow build for the Nexus S.

We doubt any of you still use the Nexus S are your daily driver, but please let us know if you plan on digging the phone out of your drawer to give it a taste of Android Marshmallow.

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