LTE support allows Android Wear to free itself from your smartphone

With the retail launch of the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE (wow, that’s a mouthful), Google has made Android Wear’s cellular support official. Keeping your Android Wear device connected no longer requires it to be shackled to your smartphone through WiFi or Bluetooth. If your LTE-capable smartwatch can’t locate your phone, it will automatically switch to LTE mode, allowing you to receive all your notification, use your apps and even make or receive calls.

Making phone calls from your wrist may sound like fun, but we’re honestly more excited about the idea of leaving our smartphone behind in certain situations while still being connected. As a runner, an LTE Android Wear watch would be the perfect companion, allowing me to track my runs, listen to music and even send and receive messages without having to strap my 5.2-inch phone to my arm.

How much extra are you willing to pay for an LTE-capable Android Wear smartwatch?

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