Lenovo says the Moto X remains ‘alive and well’

Lenovo seemed to signaling the end of the Moto X when it announced the Moto Z this week, but apparently that’s not the case. In a statement to Droid Life, Lenovo says that the Moto X remains “alive and well,” explaining that the two phone lines “ultimately provide different experiences.” Lenovo also confirmed to The Verge that the Moto X would not be going away.

The statement makes it sound like Motorola intends not just to keep selling existing Moto X phones, but to continue making new ones. That’s surprising, as the X line has been the flagship Moto phone for a few years, and the Moto Z now appears to have taken that crown.

Moto Mods may be the key differentiator

The question going forward will be around how Lenovo decides to…

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