It’s looking more likely that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will arrive early

It's looking more likely that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will arrive early

In the last few years, the new Samsung Galaxy phones have always debuted at the end of February or start of March at MWC – but now there’s speculation that we could have a new Galaxy as early as the start of February 2016.

According to sources speaking to SamMobile, work has already begun on developing the firmware for the Galaxy S7 – and this has started a month earlier than it did on the Galaxy S6.

Again, as with last year it appears that there will be two versions of the new phone as it has two internal codenames: G930FXXU0AOK6 and G935FXXU0AOK6. Presumably this is a ‘normal’ version and an ‘Edge’ version with a curved screen.

A Galaxy not so far away

Obviously there is a lot to sort out when manufacturing a new phone but if this sped-up timetable is any indication, it could mean the new device will hit a month earlier. We have heard rumours of an early release before, and this only adds fuel to the fire.

As you might imagine, Samsung is currently staying quiet about any new plans.

There has been plenty of rumour and speculation, however – such as the suggestion that Samsung is negotiating with Sony to include the same IMX300 camera as the Xperia Z5, and that at least one of the new models will have a full 4K screen.

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