Google’s Project Zero teams find 11 exploits in Galaxy S6 edge in 1 week

Google’s Project Zero teams set out to find the security differences between stock Android devices and devices made by various OEMs. Modifying stock Android software just adds more potential for security holes, so they took a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and decided to see how many exploits they can find.

After a week, they managed to find 11 different exploits in the device. Contacting Samsung resulted in 8 being patched, with 3 less important ones being saved for a later time. While it shows that Samsung takes security seriously, which is good, it also shows that Android skins can cause more security issues than when stock Android is used.

If you want more details on the exploits found, hit the source link and start reading. And don’t take this as something negative about Samsung, because this can apply to any device maker.

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