Google could build its own smartphone

Google’s Nexus line has long been the epitome of Android for bloggers and enthusiasts. But according to a new report from The Information, Google could be looking to build its own smartphone without any manufacturer help. With the Nexus line, Google has always partnered with a manufacturer to create a Nexus phone that fits Google’s requests and runs pure Android, with guaranteed speedy software updates. In addition, the manufacturer lends a hand with distribution and such, while Google enjoys the benefit of having a phone that offers a pure Android experience.

If Google were to design its own phone, it would take a tremendous amount of work to manufacture and engineer the entire thing itself. Rather than simply giving a reference framework to a manufacturer partner, Google would need to design and construct the entire device itself. It would also need to handle everything on the distribution end, which is an enormous task in and of itself. In short, Google creating its own phone would be a huge endeavor for the company.

What would the payoff be? As far as we can see, there wouldn’t be much of a payoff. The Information brings up the point that it would give Google tightened control over the Android ecosystem. As Droid Life points out, however, this point is really only valid if Google is aiming for widespread adoption of its device, à la Apple’s iPhone. While The Information has been accurate with Google rumors in the past, we’d take this one with a grain of salt, as it seems pretty unlikely.

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