Going contract-free on Verizon will cost you $20 starting November 15

If you are looking to add a new line under Verizon’s contract-free device payment plans then you might want to do so prior to November 15th, when a new $20 activation fee will be put into place.

While activation fees are nothing new — legacy customers on 2-year contracts with Verizon have a $40 activation fee for new lines — one of the selling points of the device payment plans was the lack of any upfront cost. Verizon is saying that they are simply no longer waiving the fee, but obviously the end result is the same for the customer either way.

And Verizon is obviously not alone in this. All of the major carriers have some form of activation fee, with AT&T enjoying the crown of most expensive at $45 and T-Mobile the least expensive with the slightly obfuscated $15 SIM Starter Kit.

So if you have been eyeing a new Verizon device payment plan and want to keep an extra $20 in your pocket, you have just today and tomorrow to make that happen.

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