Download YouTube Videos with youtube-dl

When preparing for the 8 hour flights to and from London, I knew I couldn’t just code the whole time — I needed some decent entertainment. One source of free, excellent entertainment is YouTube, but I had no desire to pay for internet on the flight. With all of this in mind, I installed youtube-dl — a utility for downloading YouTube videos to your local drive.

To install youtube-dl, run the following from command line:

brew install youtube-dl

With youtube-dl available, simply run the utility with a URL:

# Download a video!

# Download a video as audio
youtube-dl -x

Executing that will download the given YouTube video to your machine. youtube-dl has more capabilities than just downloading videos such as: thumbnail retrieval, conversion to mp3 or other formats (assuming you have ffmpeg available), logging in, getting subtitles, and more.

Grab youtube-dl if you’re looking for music or video from YouTube — it’s the best application available to do the job!

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